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Let's Get Organized

Nothing puts the finishing touches on a Cabinet Refinishing or a Cabinet Refacing job like new hardware and organizational updates. In this post I'd like to share some great ways to update your cabinets, so they fit your lifestyle and help to ensure your kitchen is not only a beautiful space, but an efficient one. Included are some links to cabinet accessories for purchase, I'm not paid for sharing these links, they are just good products I've purchased and where to readily find them. You may be able to find them cheaper on other sites instead of following the direct link, just a heads up!

  • One of my favorite accessories to add to a base cabinet is a trash pullout that attaches directly to the cabinet door. This accomplishes two things successfully, creating more room in your kitchen by eliminating a trash can that takes up floor space and also keeping your kitchen trash out of site. There are some nice looking trash cans out there, but let's face it, it's still a trash can! One of my favorites is the Ref-A-Shelf, top mount, double trash can. One for regular waste and one for recycling. I like the top mount because it's easier to clean than can that sit in a base, or are held in by a wire rack. This particular model is for base cabinets with no drawer above, but they make models that can fit that size as well. You can check it out here: Rev-A-Shelf 50 Quart Wood Top Mount Double Trash Pull-Out Waste Container with Rev-A-Motion Slides, Min. Cabinet Opening: 18" Wide, Natural 4WCTM-2150BBSCDM-2 |

Just a note about purchasing, be sure to measure the opening of the cabinet, not the cabinet door itself and also the depth of the cabinet starting from the inside edge of the face frame to the back of the box to make sure you have the correct size.

Drawer Inserts are an organizational must-have. An insert for silverware is a great place to start. Many of those can be customized to fit your particular needs. From there, getting into utensil dividers, knife blocks, spice shelves and one of my favorites, the coffee and tea organizer with k-cup inserts.

This helps keep your coffee drawer clutter free, or keeps all the excess

morning cup necessities off your countertop. I typically get these for my customers from, here's the link to the one pictured. Rev-A-Shelf 22 Inch K-Cup Custom Drawer Insert, Natural Wood 4CDI-24-KCUP-1 |

Pull Out Shelving is the perfect solution for heavier countertop appliance storage. It makes it easier to put them away and pick them up without kneeling down and reaching all the way to the back of a base cabinet.

You can install more than one in a base cabinet which is a great application for storing pots and pans and items that aren't too tall. This also allows you to maximize the storage space of the base cabinets in your kitchen.

Blind Corner Organization. Do you have a corner kitchen cabinet with excess space behind the adjacent cabinets? It's a common scenario and in most cases, it ends up being an unused dead zone, or storage for forgotten holiday themed paper plates and that stock pile of paper towels. Why not put that space to use! There are a lot of solutions for this kitchen cabinet layout, but one of the most least expensive and easy to install is the blind corner lazy susan. It will allow you to use that space efficiently and provide ease of access to that void behind your other cabinetry. Here's a link to a blind corner lazy susan from Rev-A-Shelf:

There are a lot of other great organizational items out there for kitchen cabinets. At Rocket Finish we love installing these items for our customers in Columbus Ohio and helping make their spaces more efficient and more enjoyable by being able to stay clutter-free and organized. Call us today if you live in Central Ohio, Worthington, New Albany, or Granville Ohio and are looking for a professional to help you achieve your kitchen organizing goals.

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