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Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

Refacing your kitchen cabinets is a low cost and much faster way to completely transform your kitchen than tearing out all of the existing cabinets. We remove your old doors and drawer fronts, measure the space and install new, real wood, custom built doors and drawer fronts to replace them. 

We follow our same innovative approach to the refacing process as we do for our kitchen cabinet refinishing service. The new doors are custom built and then custom finished to your specifications, a factory stain, a custom cabinet paint color, an artisan finish, your choice, we are completely custom, and you don't have to conform to the pre-finished selection at big box stores or corporate refacing franchises. We apply our refinishing process to the frames of the cabinets giving your kitchen cabinets a custom-built, designer look and a factory uniform finish. This approach helps reduce the overall cost of your project because we aren't just a middle man for already finished doors, drawer fronts and cabinet frame veneer.

At much less cost, a fraction of the time and mess of a full kitchen remodel, cabinet refacing has become a go-to for homeowners looking for a new kitchen without the inconvenience or the price tag of replacement. If your home is in Columbus, Ohio, the surrounding communities including Clintonville, Bexley, New Albany and over to Dublin, Powell and Delaware County, contact us today for a no-obligation kitchen cabinet refacing consultation and become inspired to transform your kitchen with us!


Quick and Neat

Doors and Drawer fronts are replaced with new, custom built, solid wood doors and drawer fronts. Process is quick and comes without the mess, time and price tag of a remodel. 

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Attention to Detail

Along with a new door style, custom crown molding, light rail and end panels can be added to complete the transformation of you space.


Custom Results

When it's all put back together you have a dramatic new look and quality results that increase the value of your home and at less than half the cost of replacement.

  • Is Cabinet Refinishing the right choice for me?
    Do you have cabinets that are showing their age? Are you happy with the style of your cabinet doors and drawer fronts, but want a change of color? Are you wanting a new look for your kitchen, but want to be able to use your kitchen during the majority of the project? Are you looking for an eco-friendly way to update your kitchen? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then cabinet refinishing could be the right choice for you! With our Cabinet Refinishing System, we can completely transform the finish on your cabinets. From stained finishes to solid color "painted" finished, artisan glazing and distressing, we have the look you have been dreaming of.
  • How much does Cabinet Refinishing typically cost?
    The cost of refinishing your kitchen cabinets can vary based on a number of factors, but most commonly, the cost is based on the following: -Number of doors and drawer fronts -The type of finish being done -Layout of your kitchen For example, a medium-sized kitchen between 20-25 door and drawer fronts being changed from a natural wood finish to a solid color Factory Finish would cost between $2900-3600.
  • How long does the process take?
    Our Cabinet Refinishing process is streamlined and efficient. We have built our Cabinet Refinishing System into a mobile shop that comes to your home. We set up, we remove your doors and drawer fronts and bring them into our shop. We complete the finishing process in the shop and then move into your home and finish the cabinet boxes in place. We don't take up space in your garage, we don't set up shop in your kitchen, so most of the time you can still use your kitchen while we are at work. Most small and medium sized kitchens are completed within 1 week and ready for you to get back to normal!
  • Is Cabinet Refinishing the same thing as cabinet painting?
    The answer is NO. We are not "cabinet painters." Although we can give you the "painted" look, we apply the same coating with the same equipment that cabinet manufacturers use which delivers a factory smooth finish on the doors and the frames as well as the durability of a catalyzed finish. Our coating is a waterborne polyurethane with a catalyst that hardens the surface to a durability exceeding the specifications of the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association for cabinet coatings. Our coating is eco-friendly, non-toxic, no fumes and no off-gassing like oil based materials. Unlike oil-based and traditional lacquer coatings, it does not yellow over time, so your color will stay true over time.
  • What colors can I pick?
    We have a wide array of designer chosen colors and finishes to choose from. From the classic white kitchen to a playful teal or traditional navy we have solid color choices that satisfy every pallette. A collection of custom, artisan finishes, and custom stain options complete our selection. Check out some more details here on our website or schedule an estimate today to see our collections and choose the finish that's right for you.

Transform Your Kitchen Without the Cost and the Mess. Click Below for a Free Estimate

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