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Custom Painted Cabinets

Professional Kitchen Cabinet Painting in Central Ohio from Rocket Finish

Transform your old cabinets affordably with our expert cabinet painting services. Rocket Finish specializes in kitchen cabinet painting, offering a cost-effective and high-quality solution for revitalizing your cabinets. Our exceptional cabinet painting products and equipment result in flawless, factory finishes with no drips, roller marks or visible brush strokes, and a durable finish that, unlike regular paint, does not peel and resists chipping and scuffing with its exceptional hardness, chemical and mar resistance.

Our professional kitchen cabinet painting process utilizes the best products in the industry combined with traditional  refinishing methods to guarantee the best cabinet finish for our clients. The cabinet painting project can be completed in just a few days, minimizing disruption to your daily life.

Rocket Finish offers a selection of 20 designer selected colors with the perfect selection for your home, whether you want a timeless look or something up-to-the-minute with the current design trends. If you already have a specific color in mind, we can also have our product matched to the color of your choice.

Unsure of the perfect color for your cabinet painting project? Our team of professional cabinet painters can help!  We are happy to guide you through the process, considering factors such as kitchen size, layout, and natural light. We even bring cabinet painting samples to your home to ensure you select the perfect finish for your kitchen.

We are also proud to offer custom finishes to further personalize your cabinets including:

  • Accent Glaze Application: Skillful glazing application to cabinet door grooves, emphasizing the cabinetry's profile.

  • Antiqued: Achieving an aged or worn appearance, adding character to your cabinets.

  • Artisan Distressed: Application of darker shades in the cabinet's recessed areas and adding other unique distressing including dents, dings, and worm holes for a truly custom look.

  • Take a look at our product finishes page to explore some of the options available when having your cabinets professionally painted.

Rocket Finish Cabinet Door Paint Samples copy.jpg

The Rocket Finish Advantage


Why choose Rocket Finish for your kitchen cabinet painting needs? Other painting companies have subcontractors who show up at your house ready to switch gears from painting house exteriors to painting cabinetry because it's raining outside.  Unlike many painters or painting companies who view cabinetry as just another surface, like drywall or exterior siding, we specialize in the transformation of kitchen cabinetry.  Cabinet painting and refinishing is all we do!  It's our expertise and our passion.  With a traditional painting company, corners may get cut, and you may or may not have your cabinets sanded, primed, or even cleaned! This will not result in a finish that is smooth, durable, or even that lasts more than a few short weeks.  At Rocket Finish we have a system for painting cabinetry that delivers exceptional and durable results, every time. 

Here are some of the benefits of choosing our professional cabinet painting services and what sets us apart:

1: Meticulous cleaning of your cabinets with degreasing solution that removes all dirt, grime, and grease on the cabinetry and ensures a flawless base for painting kitchen cabinets.

2. Sanding - This is such a critical step, routinely overlooked by typical painters, but when skipped can lead to numerous issues with the final product. We sand between every coat to achieve that factory, smooth finish.

3: A specialized cabinet primer/undercoat that promotes adhesion and prevents bleed-through from tannins, stain and dyes.  

4: We use industrial water-based finish that looks and feels like conventional varnish but offers greater flexibility without harmful solvents. Based on a polyurethane dispersion, the coating is high build and suitable for tough environments like kitchens and baths.  With its 2x coating technology it provides stronger adhesion, chip resistance, and a smoother finish than any paint available at local stores.

5. Cleanliness - Our customers love the way we take care of their home during the project. We keep our job site clean. We mask off all countertops, floors, walls and appliances to ensure nothing else besides your cabinets changes color!

6. Side Panels and Face Frame - That's part of the cabinet too, right? YES and most painting companies, even if they are spraying the doors are going to brush and roll the end panels and face frame resulting in an orange peel texture that doesn't match your sprayed doors and drawer fronts. At Rocket Finish we treat the face frame and end panels the same way we finish the doors and drawer fronts.  Is it more work to do it that way? It sure is, and that's why most painters opt to shortcut this step.

7. Efficiency! - Our expert approach ensures a faster turnaround – in just a few days – with minimal down time using your kitchen and using a product that does not produce out-gassing and VOC's like traditional cabinet paint and oil-based primers. Rocket Finish's professional cabinet painting services, you can achieve a dramatic transformation in your kitchen, bathroom vanity or built-in unit in days, not weeks.

8. Affordable - Our process is not only quick and high-quality but also budget-friendly. Our kitchen cabinet painting costs are lower than cabinet refacing and significantly lower than custom full remodeling.

By choosing Rocket Finish professional kitchen cabinet painting you can achieve the style you want on a budget that works for you.  We are a family business, started right here in Columbus, Ohio. If you live in Central Ohio and are ready for a stunning, affordable change to your cabinets contact our experienced team at Rocket Finish at 614-400-0075 for more information about our professional cabinet painting and receive a FREE estimate!

Their attention to detail far exceeded our expectations.  Beyond their skill set which delivered a high quality, solid color factory finish, they were professional and polite and the project was completed according to the original timeline.  —we fell more in love with our home at the end of this project.

- Nicole F.  Lewis Center

We are extremely thrilled with outcome and the process. They impressed us from start to finish. They are professional, timely, and absolute experts. The end result is SO beautiful and high quality. It truly looks and feels like a factory finish.

Kelly A.  Westerville

We've been working with Rocket Finish and could not be happier. We had other quotes to redo our kitchen and are so happy to be working with Chris. 

Jenny L.  Columbus

Transform Your Kitchen With a Custom Paint Job From Rocket Finish

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