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The Rocket Finish Difference

Why should you choose Rocket Finish to update your kitchen cabinetry? We have developed a top-notch system for cabinet painting and refinishing, ensuring that your kitchen cabinets look professionally finished and brand new. Our state-of-the-art process, our attention to detail and our commitment to exceptional customer service make us a clear choice. 

We have invested in industrial application equipment, the same equipment used in cabinet manufacturing facilities. This allows us to deliver factory finish results on your existing cabinetry, your cabinets won't look painted, they'll look finished straight from the factory.

Due to our streamlined process we are able to transform your space and get you back into using and enjoying your kitchen much quicker than a typical contracting job.  Call us today to look at your available options for a custom kitchen refinishing or refacing job that is tailored to meet your needs.

cabinet door removal

Remove Doors and Drawer Fronts

Doors and Drawer fronts are labeled and removed. All hardware is taken off and stored. Doors and drawer fronts are taken into the mobile paint booth for finishing.

masking cabinets for cabinet refinishing

Protect Surfaces

The inside of the cabinet boxes are masked off to protect them during the refinishing process. All the other surfaces of the kitchen are masked off including, floors, appliances and countertops.

sanding cabinet doors for refinishing and painting cabinets

Preparation is the Key

All surfaces being refinished are cleaned with a degreaser, sanded using random orbital sanders and sanding sheets. Wiped down and  cleaned a second time to remove all dust.

spraying white paint on a cabinet door

Factory Finish Undercoat

The next step in the refinishing process is to spray the undercoater for solid color finishes or a clear sanding sealer for stained finishes.

refinishing kitchen cabinet boxes using spray equipment

Factory Finish Topcoats

The undercoater is sanded using super fine grit sand paper and cleaned to remove all dust. The first coat is sprayed on. After adequate dry time, the process is repeated and the final, factory smooth finish is complete.

hanging kitchen cabinet doors after painting


The doors are re-installed in their original position. New rubber bumpers are placed on the corners of the doors and all hardware is re-installed. An adjustment of all hinges completes the process.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Our process is state of the art, and so are our coatings. We use only professional grade, industrial materials manufactured specifically for wood cabinetry. Unlike traditional solvent based, lacquer, our coatings are low-VOC, Greenguard Gold certified, waterborne polyurethanes with a crosslinking catalyst that ensures a hard, durable, chemical resistant finish that exceeds KCMA standards and can withstand daily use.  With a factory smooth finish, your cabinets won't look refinished, they'll look like they came that way from the factory. We know you'll be impressed with our quality. We guarantee it.

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Get Started On Your Kitchen Transformation Today!

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