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What Are The Benefits of Modern Waterborne Coatings For Kitchen Cabinets?

In the past few years the cabinet industry has begun switching over to waterborne finishes and fazing out their old, solvent-based systems for these modern, environmentally friendly coatings that are KCMA certified, UV stable and out-perform their solvent counterparts.

Check out this video about the benefits of the sayerlack hydroplus clear coat. This has become my go-to topcoat for kitchen cabinets and while it's not extremely clear on the video, the finished product is so smooth, with perfect transparency that showcases the wood grain and stain, while also being extremely durable.

As you can see in this video some of the great benefits to the hydroplus system includes it's vertical hang, meaning, with the right application of course, that it won't sag and run when applied to vertical surfaces, which makes it perfect for applying to the face frame of cabinetry. The finishers in this video used a pressure-pot spray system which applies the finish nicely, but also get's a little more in the air than the air-assisted airless systems we have in our shop.

We've focused a lot on the performance characteristics, but not to be overlooked is the eco-friendly nature of this product. I ask my customers during and after every job if the smell of the finish bothers them, not one has said yes. Being a painter for a number of years and using nearly every type and brand of paint on the market, I've found this coating has a much less noticeable odor and lingers for even less time than the most eco-friendly, water-based interior paints on the market including Benjamin Moore Natura and Sherwin Williams Harmony. The clean up is also much better for the environment. With water-cleanup, harsh, flammable solvents like lacquer thinner, xylene and toluol are not necessary and therefore eliminated as a pollutant in our environment which also makes it safer for finishers and homeowners to not have those chemicals in the work and home environment.

The hyrdoplus series also comes in a pigmented white finish which can be tinted to any paint color, so whether you're looking to restore your factory finish using the clear finishes and stains or wanting to change your cabinets to a painted finish, the great news as that this product can give you that painted finish that looks, feels and performs like your cabinets came that way from the factory! If you are in central Ohio and would like more information on this product and how it can be used to transform your kitchen, call or text us today!

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