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Picking The Right Paint Color For Your Cabinets

You've finished all your research and instead of tearing out your kitchen, you've decided to update the kitchen and refinish those golden, wood-tone cabinets with the worn out finish to solid color, painted finish! The most cost-effective and least time-consuming option for a completely different look in your kitchen.

One of the primary things to consider when picking a new color or colors for your cabinets is what is staying in your kitchen? Countertops, appliances, flooring, backsplash, those are the four main things to look at.

The last thing you want is for the cabinets to look fantastic, but realizing after it's finished that the countertops you love and are in great shape no longer look good next to the new finish.

One of my first recommendations to customers is to take note of what's staying, so for example let's say you have black and charcoal granite countertops and they still look great, but you want to change you cabinets from a wood-stained finish to white, or even a color that you haven't thought of. Go to pinterest and type in what you have that's staying, so in this instance, "black countertops." Then check out what comes up! You're mostly going to see soft colors, a lot of earth-tone. Warm grays, even some greens, a lot of whites and even some tan options. From there, you're headed to the paint store. Pin some of those photos that you love and then go into any Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore paint store and you'll be able to find some color swatches that look really close to the images that caught your eye.

Bring the samples home and position them directly underneath your countertop and see how they look. It's best to look at them over the course of a day or two in all types of light to make sure you've hit the color that's right for your cabinets. If you're stuck on a couple choices, go back to the paint store and purchase some samples. You can apply that paint onto something larger like a piece of cardboard, or even a scrap cabinet door to ensure you've made the right selections.

Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams both have some great online color pickers too that can help you get started, you can find them here:

If you live in central Ohio and are looking to have your cabinets painted, we are here to help. With custom color selections that have been designer picked to remain timeless as well as up to date, we have options for your kitchen cabinets that will allow you to keep that custom backsplash or that natural flooring that you love so well. Call us today or click below to fill out a consultation request form, we're here for you!

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